Friday, December 9, 2016

Skydiving - the Experience and Sensations

An experienced dentist, Dr. Mickel Malek has cared for patients for more than 30 years. Dr. Mickel Malek enjoys filling his free time with a variety of outdoor and adventure pursuits, including skydiving.

According to experienced participants, the feeling of skydiving is like none other available to human beings. When a person leaps from an airplane traveling at approximately 100 mph, the onset of gravitational pull transitions that speed into that of pure free fall. Because the fall occurs against tremendous wind resistance, the person experiences their body not as if it’s falling, but rather as if it’s resting on a cushion of air.

Some say that skydiving is most comparable to leaning out of a car window while driving down the freeway. The wind pushes against the body and it feels as though it is holding it up while the wind rushes by. The sheer volume of this air movement is what many people describe as the strongest sensation experienced when sky diving.

Skydivers often describe a feeling of pure peace that lasts throughout the free fall. When the diver or instructor engages the parachute, the body often feels the dramatic deceleration as dizziness or a loss of wind. Divers may feel these effects for a few moments as the parachute slows their descent toward the landing area, but for most the breathtaking view of the world below make this minor discomfort well worth the trouble.

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